Our Philosophy

Five Steps to Professional Success

Curley & Pynn approaches every aspect of client service through its “Five Steps to Professional Success.” The Five Steps distinguish The Strategic Firm®, building its reputation and providing the framework for the agency’s corporate culture.

  1. Focus on What Keeps the Client Awake at Night.

    A critical element of effective strategy is maintaining a steady vigil, understanding the current market and preparing for the unexpected.  Curley & Pynn applies a single-minded approach to addressing issues that keep you from sleeping well.

  2. Analyze the Big Picture, Not Just the Snapshot. 

    Only by understanding the environment in which you operate can you take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats.  Curley & Pynn relies heavily on research to help you understand the impact of world forces and identify opportunities.

  3. Bring Our Clients Solutions, Not Problems. 

    Innovative solutions create success.  Curley & Pynn is committed to your success and strives to provide advice and counsel to clients who realize that dynamic communications programs have the power to build, maintain and protect an organization’s reputation.

  4. Anticipate. Don't Wait to Be Asked. 

    In today’s rapidly changing business environment, if you wait to be asked, you’re just standing still.  Curley & Pynn applies strategic anticipation to identify and maximize emerging opportunities for clients.

  5. Accept Total Responsibility and Be Accountable for Everything You Do. 

    Corporate, social and personal accountability continue to gain in significance.  Curley & Pynn leads by example with this commitment and guides clients to maintain strategic community involvement programs, open stakeholder communications and transparency in all dealings.

PRSA Code of Ethics

In addition to Curley & Pynn’s Five Steps to Professional Success, the firm subscribes to the Public Relations Society of America’s Code of Ethics.  Curley & Pynn holds this code parallel with the firm’s philosophy, utilizing it to carry out responsibilities and overcome challenges.