Our Services

Strategy is at the core of everything Curley & Pynn does. The firm provides strategic communications advice and counsel to its clients and develops key messaging, which is fused with publicity and media relations, public affairs, marketing communications, message training, and design and production. A solid strategy is driven by sound research. Every service Curley & Pynn provides, from graphic design to total program management, has a foundation of in-depth research to uncover the facts and perceptions … knowledge we harness in order to change minds and reinforce reputation.

"Unless you know your games feeding, sleeping and daily habits, unless you plan your hunt in great detail and follow your plan with precision, you are not hunting at all ... you're just walking in the woods."

— Howard Hill, Legendary Archer

Most companies believe in building and maintaining their reputation, but not all of them employ a powerful public relations strategy to do it.  Curley & Pynn develops public awareness campaigns, manages issues, provides crisis counsel, executes media relations, cultivates internal communications and focuses on community relations for its clients.  By defining your individual needs and designing a campaign to achieve your goals, Curley & Pynn provides your company with expertly planned communication.

Targeting key consumers and enhancing the bottom line are keys to success.  Curley & Pynn leads marketing communications for its clients by designing strategies and plans, developing business collateral materials and promotional programs, launching new products, and planning special events and tradeshows.  Curley & Pynn helps you focus on the marketing strategy that will foster your company’s growth.

Connecting with the bodies that govern and the communities that surround us are often the foundation for achieving communication goals.  When building public affairs platforms and placing priority on relationships, Curley & Pynn provides clients counsel on institutional relations, public policy, partnerships in the community, association involvement and grassroots campaigns.

We live in a world in which consumers expect organizations to be actively engaged in social media, making sound strategy and effective social media management a must. Curley & Pynn manages social media campaigns, monitors online conversations and develops programs and strategies that help companies build an online presence and engage their audiences. From comprehensive audits to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, to strategic programs designed to enhance consumer engagement and brand affinity, Curley & Pynn manages all aspects of a company’s social media strategy. 

Communication is defined not only by words and perception, but also by the look and feel of the vehicles that carry the message.  The same experienced team you trust to develop your message can create the collateral that contains it.  Curley & Pynn offers its clients a variety of design services, including:

  • Audit and Analysis of Existing Materials;
  • Corporate Logo Development and Design;
  • Website, Blog and Intranet Development;
  • Stationery and Business Card Creation;
  • Video Production Capabilities; and,
  • Design and Production of Company Brochures, Sales Materials, Annual Reports, Newsletters and More.

In today’s 24/7, multi-media world, communicating the right message to the right audience can be increasingly complex.  Whether you’re speaking with the news media or addressing the company board, identifying issues that impact your business and communicating the right message consistently are critical. 

Curley & Pynn’s proven approach is the Message Matrix®, a systematic and strategic program developed over two decades that helps clients with step-by-step issue identification and consistent message delivery.  Half-day and full-day media training sessions prepare spokespersons to communicate clearly and consistently in any situation, using every question as an opportunity for a powerful response.  The Curley & Pynn team reviews media “tricks of the trade,” shares a proprietary “Interviewee Bill of Rights,” and manages on-camera interviews to let spokespersons apply what they’ve learned for immediate feedback.  Essential speaker and presentation training is also available.