Message Matrix® - Message & Media Training

In today’s 24/7, multi-media world, communicating the right message to the right audience can be increasingly complex.  Whether you’re speaking with the news media or addressing the company board, identifying issues that impact your business and communicating the right message consistently are critical. 

Curley & Pynn’s proven approach is the Message Matrix®, a systematic and strategic program developed over two decades that helps clients with step-by-step issue identification and consistent message delivery.  Half-day and full-day media training sessions prepare spokespersons to communicate clearly and consistently in any situation, using every question as an opportunity for a powerful response.  The Curley & Pynn team reviews media “tricks of the trade,” shares a proprietary “Interviewee Bill of Rights,” and manages on-camera interviews to let spokespersons apply what they’ve learned for immediate feedback.  Essential speaker and presentation training is also available.